#11.5 // Hearts Still Bleeding

AWWWW MAN........ Did we ever get the short end of that stick!

Like, can't we please re-negotiate this deal?! I'll trade 100 Bill Bellamys and at least 2 Janets to get back just 1 Biggie or Mike. Geez...

Check this Michael Jackson tribute video mix recorded live from the mixer during Stones Throw label boss Peanut Butter Wolf's vj set at at the Echoplex in L.A. this past Thursday just hours after the news of Michael's death broke:

You can rsvp now to:
to get on the list for this Thursday's Grown Folk Shit Michael Jackson Tribute Night celebration



In semi-related news, we're getting ready over here at Grown Folk Shit HQs to launch our Stones Throw Artist Showcase Summer Series. 1st up on July 23rd we have Ann Arbor Michigan native, Los Angeles transplant, multi-instrumentalist, doo wop/soul singing sensation Mayer Hawthorne along with his full band The County.


Next, on August 6th we will be hosting L.A.'s 'Ambassador Of Boogie' and recent Animal Collective remixer Dam-Funk. Peep a NY Times article covering a recent Dam set at APT here.



Merci beaucoup.



#11 // All Hearts





Young Guns Summertime Ish

Let the games begin! Its the summer, the heat is on and Young Guns is going down at El Dorado this saturday with a unique first time event. We've put together an epic showdown of sorts, and no there isn't any real weapons involved. We are bringing in a total of four turntables so that two djs can mix together at the same time. Its the ultimate battle to make you dance! The format is two records each per dj, going back and forth live. Who will make you dance harder? DJ Groundfloor or Gabe Vega? Come show your support for this hybrid dance party/live sporting event and cheer for your favorite mix master!


Put those PBR cans on quick draw and be down at the old booze corral before high moon this Saturday for the showdown.




1. Metric - Help I'm Alive (Twelves Remix)
2. The Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
3. MVSC - Sunshine
4. Passion Pit - The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)
5. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream vs Foamo Remix)

See you Saturday!



#10 // 'Pardon Me, Uhh As I Come Back...'


So, kin folk, recently I've been checking for some of the more breaks oriented producers doin it these days... producers like Quantic, Dusty and the mysterious Shoes folk. There's some quality jawns out there - check this piece by Will Holland of Quantic's newest project Flowering Inferno... Dumb. The more I listen to a lot of these records though, I can't help but think how cracking and how distinct Grown Folk Shit resident dj Greyboy's shit is. For reals. Just sayin...

There's no slacking in your dude's turntable or record collecting game either...

The proof however, as they say, is in the puddin, and we'll be serving up mounds of that shit this Thursday at Grown Folk Shit:

grown ass resident dj:

*Grown Folk House Band starts at 9:30pm

$5 at the door


post script - tons o stuff coming up this summer, including an on-going series of Stones Throw Records artists showcases...
Here's a taste of the science:

Thurs July 9th:
(Root Down/Funky Sole/Los Angeles)

Thurs July 23rd:
(Stones Throw Records)

Thurs August 6th:
(Stones Throw Records)

Watch this space...


Yelp(ers) Drank It!!!

The above algorithm represents the scribblings of a crew destined to serve cocktails to a few hundred, blood-thirsty Yelpers!

With the help of a big ass cooler, some big old buckets, a little red bar, and several rad co-workers, we managed to pull off a major order: 700 2oz servings of two selections off our craft cocktail menu -- El Dorado Mojito, and Paloma.

BTW: We had a lot of fun doing this (as you could probably tell from the pics). We thought y'all might want in on the basic recipes, too. If you're cooking up a giant batch of these bad beverages, feel free to ask us for advice! Lord knows we didn't get these perfect on the first try... although the recipes do stay pretty consistent -- just multiply!!


El Dorado Mojito:

2 oz Light Rum
4 raw sugar cubes
1/4 t minced SERRANO PEPPER (adjust more or less for hot to CRAZY FUCKIN' HOT)
7 healthy mint leaves
1/2 lime wedged
(club soda for top)

in a 16 oz Mixing Glass (or pint glass), add raw sugar, squeezed lime wedges (rind/juice and all), and minced serrano and muddle away!! Next, add the mint and light muddle (prevents from over-grinding, which releases the bitter chlorophyl - the green stuff - in the mint). Next, add Rum and top with ice. Then shake it up! if you don't have a shaker tin, just transfer the contents (ice and all) from one mixing glass to another several times. Finally, top with soda water... If you're a hardcore, add a split sugar cane to stir!!

(For bulk batches, use 3/4 oz fresh lime juice... unless you're a masochist, you can avoid the muddling by using a food processor for the serrano mince. You can also use a raw sugar simple syrup for substitute - 2 parts sugar, 1 part water)


2 oz Tequila Blanco
3 oz FRESH Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
1/2 oz FRESH squeezed lime juice
1/4 oz agave nectar
(club soda for top)

A classic Margarita revision... Add ingredients to a mixing glass full of ice and Shake Shake Shake!! (You'll probably need the shaker tin for this one) -- pour into another mixing glass, garnish with a lime wedge, and BOOYAA!!


- EL||D



Yes Yes Yall. Tonight we welcome the One, and ONLY Sonny Phono, straight from San Francisco. Tonight the party just wont stop till the lights come on!

Also Rockin' The House are resident DJ's J Blow, and Unite playing the best in Party Crushin Hip-Hop Beats, and Old School Party Slayin Funk.

Steady Crushin every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month and the ever-so crushin El Dorado Cocktail Lounge.

You might catch some of this:

Most Definitely some of this:

And Hopefully some of this:


From Blogs to Booze and Back Again...

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm delivering a presentation which supports blogging. I'm offering this brief presentation to the Food & Beverage Association of San Diego (FBASD). So, I'm gonna try and convince a group of restaurant, bar, nightclub, food and liquor purveyors, etc., that blogging leads to healthy business.

But, I don't wanna talk about that. I wanna talk about what I wanna talk about!!

Sound like a brat? Well, maybe... I'm just really excited about some recent experiences. I'm also really excited to discuss my recent experiences! However, I'm siting at my desk... It's 3am (actually, 6am after my final edit)... Who am I gonna talk to? Nobody is on AIM or Facebook/Twitter... I suppose this blog post should suffice. If you don't mind, I'd like to tell you a story about the last couple days of my life ~

The story begins with a recent trip to Starlite. I was attracted to this Cocktail Lounge/Restaurant because I received a tip that they feature one of San Diego's best bourbon portfolios. Why am I interested in Bourbon? Following a brief education on the background, development, and recipes of the various bourbon and rye whiskey variations, I began understanding and TASTING why Bourbon is so delicious. Therefore, after a lovely lady friend suggested we share conversation and cocktails, I suggested Starlite... (Enter Bar) After enjoying an Old Fashioned, I noticed they offered some unique bitters. In fact, they claimed to craft their bitters in house! For those curious why I'm so interested in bitters, you only need a taste of a classic Rye Old Fashioned to understand that bitters enhances the enjoyment of a good whiskey. However, Starlite up'ed the ante by creating a modification - brandy cherry, vanilla bitters!! Can I just say: GOOD!!! It's awesome! And needed to know why... so, I inquired. When the bartender noticed the depth of my curiosity, he introduced his manager – a more established wealth of information. This manager - we'll call him George - was well-versed on the art of the bitters recipe. Then he offered a taste of another house concoction: Velvet Falernum. AWESOME!! I was in "manager-question-mode" heaven! My reaction to these concoctions, sparked George's curiosity, "Are you a bartender?"
"No... but..." I hesitate, suspecting a distasteful remark, "I'm the general manager at El Dorado."
"Really!! Well, why didn't you say so!?!"
I was drastically wrong. My suspicion was 100% unwarranted. I thought communicating my status as a manager of a competitive business would cause George to reserve his commentary from the enemy. I was so wrong! He opened up MORE!! We discussed more recipes, shared tastes of several great bourbons, as well as a couple nice gin variations. We discussed some interesting cocktail recipes, and future menu directions. In the end, we agreed that the health of our industry – demand for high-quality cocktails made from fresh juices and fine spirits – depends on our ability to work as a creative coalition. After some ingratiations and a sturdy hand-shake, we parted ways. I walked out of the bar full of optimism (and chatting my GF's ear off!).

In the days following my experience at Starlite, I found myself digging deeper into the cocktail world. My research brought forth all kinds of new questions. I found some amazing cocktail blogs, and discovered cavalier bars/bar owners who pride themselves on reviving classic cocktails alongside contemporary beverage concepts (see my bar/blog hit list below). I sought out a brief training on tequila and gin (a couple of my other favorites). As recommended by both blogger and business owner, I bought recommended books about the craft and the history of cocktails and spirits. I would have lengthy conversations with several brand representatives and mixologists. Through these conversations I would come to know some awesome tricks, like undoing the spring on a cocktail strainer and using it in a dry shake (no ice) when trying to emulsify egg whites (note the spring in the middle of the cup):

I also learned how to extract juice from a RASPBERRY!!! Ever try juicing a raspeberry? It sucks... But what if it didn't? And raspberries is only one example – Imagine kiwi juice as a replacement for simple syrup (sugar water) in a whiskey sour! Um... YES!!!

Finally, with all this great new knowledge, a couple friends suggested I join them on a trip to Los Angeles... The purpose of the trip was to experience all LA had to offer in terms of the craft cocktail industry - Perfect, right? It was so great, people!! It's why I'm still up typing this post out! I felt the need to share, like so many great people have done for me in the past couple days... At one point, the people who answered my questions asked the same questions from their teachers. That was a special time for them, too. The people I've recently met sincerely enjoy learning and teaching about something they love! That seems to be the case in most endeavors that focus on the craft or mastery of an activity.

By no means am I a master of my craft. Regardless of diploma, degree, or accreditation - I will always be seeking that goal. However, before I pledge to become a monk at the high craft cocktail monastery, I should keep my business' best interests in mind. As EL||D's identity is molded by its community/culture, I'm beginning to feel the craft of the cocktail isn't EL||D's craft... We can surely make a tasty beverage – one that our regular patrons would argue to be a quality cocktail – but, Mastery? hmmm... This creates a bit of a dichotomy. Mr. manager is seeking something that would redirect the flow of progress. It would appear as though entertainment/music/dancing is our most effective current motivator for revenue. But, I'm learning so much!?!...

Could my personal progress help our business model? Why?
Should I continue learning about the past, present, and future of the craft cocktail?
If you answered yes to either of the above, should I be teaching EL||D's customers about my new knowledge?
Should I instead focus on the research and development of our entertainment?

Regardless, I've found something I enjoy learning and sharing. It's a luxury in that "something" happens to be the same thing we sell at EL||D. If anything, a basic knowledge about the history of American/International spirits, and the establishments who distribute them, can only improve my ability to serve a safe and authentic product.


When I first sat down to prepare my blog presentation, I intended to review an outline I created for my argumentation students. As I stared at the outline, I couldn't help but want to write about my new experience – openly discussing something I'm excited about, like my gracious new friends offered! In a way, this is the essence of blogging: Sharing experiences so others might gain insight and the ability to grow into something greater... Hopefully, others would realize the benefit in reading, then share some writings of their own, be it critique/comments in this or other posts, not to mention posts of their own. Through such tools, the many crafts of the world will live on and evolve. So, what the heck am I gonna say 2mrw?!? Well, I think I'll start with this: Write on something you're passionate about... Write, Write, Write... walk away from it, then come back to it... now edit, edit, edit... Finally, ask yourself if that's how you wanna say what you wanna say. So, that's what I'm gonna with, I guess... real professional, huh? :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

- A


PS: Incase you're curious about learning more about cocktail culture, I've added a bunch of great links on the sidebar. Enjoy


Young Guns Saturday! FInally!

I think its been a busy week for everyone and I'm damn sure we are ready to unwind into summer time so I'll get righ to it. Saturday we've got a Young Guns party with one of the most skillful dj dudes ever, DJ Paparazzi. Without gettin in too deep, I'll just say this guy is a weekly resident DJ at three of LA's Biggest indie club nights (Dance, Matinee, House) and keeps kids coming back by the thousands all the time. He is gonna with us on Saturday so I'm sure you will see what all the fuss is about. Btw I got a new mini mix for you to download fast 'n easy below...

Photo From Last Time Are Here


Young Guns Mini Mix # 3 Download Here

This mix is some smoked out summer electro funk, I guarantee you will dig it if you heart the Young Guns Parties:

1. Classixx - I'll Get You
2. Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor [Groundfloor Edit]
3. Data - One In A Million (Remix)
4. Yuksek - Extraball (Breakbot Remix)
5. Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool [Groundfloor Edit]

See You Saturday!


DJ Groundfloor


#9 //

This is real special for me (no homo). Damon Bell has been my key brethren for many years. We used to run a sound together called Four Corners. Some time ago we did a Tuesday night party, for a minute, that was real official. It was more or less through that Tuesday night party that I learned how to dj. I learned a lot of valuable shit playing records week in and week out with this dude. Anyhow... Damon, or D-Bo, if you're knowin, started grinding it out all around the country a few years back. He finally ended up setting up his gates in the bay area where he runs some real nice parties with kin folk like Waajeed, Osunlade, Ron Trent and JT Donaldson.
Now look... I really don't wanna have to say this next part, but it's got to be said... Damon Bell is among the best jocs to have ever come from San Diego. I promise. Who am I to make such statements? Nobody, that's who. But I'm a still say it. You can come through the party this Thursday night and see for yourself. Holler at me for the guest list:

This one's going to be proper. Real talk.



Steady Rockin Steady Crushin

B-Boys & B-Girls, Fly Ladies & Gents, it's time once again for a crushin event!

Your Resident Crushers J Blow & Unite are in the house for sure, as we bring you another headnoddin', bodyrockin' sure shot, and the ever so popular El Dorado Cocktail Lounge!

Click Here For Guestlist

Bring your dancing shoes, fat laces, funky attitudes, because your selectors for the evening are bringing a bag full (and a drive full) of Party Rockin Hip-Hop, Funk, Old School, and a whole heap of big tunes like:

Every First & Third Fridays At El Dorado: STEADY CRUSHIN!


#8 // The Know How

Shite!!! Mad vexed at the moment. I just lost my second ebay auction of the day... Both to the same person. There's some other DH nerd out there real happy n shit about the clobber they just got over on me for. C'est la vie... Let's try, at least, to concentrate on what's good.
Super homies, The Upstarts are gonna join forces with The Grown Folk House Band for a very special performance tonight at Grown Folk Shit. Add to that a banging ass guest spot from our key comrade Latanya Lockett, and you've got a no-bullshit party. Bet.

Peep the Upstarts new video jawn:

The Upstarts "GOT WHAT IT TAKES" from Garvin Ha on Vimeo.

Jumps at 9pm.
$5 at the door, or free with rsvp to:


P.S. - special guest folk: DAMON BELL next week 6/11