So... what are you dressing up as?

The crew at ELD has decided to become a pack of bloodthirsty ZOMBIES!! We know the genre is a bit cliche these days (e.g., the extensive result in wikipedia – check the 30+ references! lol), but we can't resist. With over 12 zombie films in our movie library, you kinda have to consider the option.

Enough about the costumes... Let's get to the festivities!

We're starting this holiday weekend with a monstrous bash. Our friends at HOME are teaming up with Mint Footwear and throwing a release party for their new line. They were hoping y'all would join in. Check it:
(Select the flier to make larger)

Then, on Saturday, the grand Finale!

DIRTY SWEET will finally play at El Dorado -- Why the dramatic description? A fine question... First of all, the rusty pipes/raspy voice of the band belong to our esteemed Cocktailians, and part-owner, Ryan Kuntz. Second, we love halloween - What night of debauchery would be better for their debut? Aka a 'NO-BRAINER'

LOOK OUT! Another flier!!!...

Tickets are selling FAST!! This will definitely sell out, so grab your tix now!! You can purchase tickets at the top-right of this page.


Zombie Kin -- JOIN US!!!!


Videodrome Is Back This Saturday

Do to the overwhelming success of the Videodrome party last month we are bringing it back this Saturday! For those who dont know Videodrome is unlike any other party in the city. Its a combination of your favorite music videos and djs mixing records. Its the next step in dj evolution adding live visuals synced to the music on the dancefloor. It will give you eternal life! Okay, maybe not that last bit. Anyhow its a really fun party for everyone whether you are on the dacefloor or watching the classic videos that people are dancing to. Here is a video from last time!!

And as always, if you would like to get in free to this event b4 11pm, email groundflooronline@gmail.com with everyones full names!!


See ya Saturday!


Mixology 101, ep. 2... Jack Rose

So, tomorrow morning will be our second episode of what the 91x Morning Show is calling Mixology 101. We'll be shakin' up another pre-prohibition classic cocktail: the Jack Rose.

Because we'll probably spend most of our air time talking shop with the morning show motley crew, we wanted to share some background on this most excellent American cocktail...

We saught out the good Dr. Wondrich for insight on this one... in his book, Imbibe! (which is very worth reading if you're into American history and/or BOOZE), he sites the origin of this cocktail dating back to the days of the infamous Cocktail Bill Boothby (he was first to print a recipe in 1905). He goes on to explain a possible origin, including a couple tall tails about the mob and/or wily caterers. But, the namesake of this one more than likely comes from its ingredients. Apple Brandy was the base spirit, and was/is known as applejack. The use of grenadine imparted a rose color. Hence, Jack Rose. Wondrich encourages the use of lime juice (ala Jaques Straub's 1914 Recipe in Drinks). We preferred old Boothby's incantation. So, without further adieu...

  • 1 1/2 oz Laird's Apple Jack Bottled-in-Bond*
  • 1/2 oz FRESHLY SQUEEZED Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 oz Grenadine (and not the store bought $#!T... see the notes about proper grenadine)**


*The "bottle-in-bond" part is VERY IMPORTANT. It shows that the spirit was created, from harvesting apples to distillation, in the confines of the Laird & Co distillery. It also assures that the spirit was barreled at a low proof and bottled at a HIGH proof, which is good because the apple flavor comes through while the alcohol helps open the other ingredient's aromas.

**The BEST and easiest homemade grenadine recipe is one created by Paul Clarke for Imbibe Magazine - Check it here - If you wanna blow your guest's minds! It's 100% mandatory you use this recipe, or one like it. The texture and flavor it imparts screams LEGIT!

***Before adding the ingredients, set aside a cocktail glass and fill it with cracked ice and a bit of water. By the time you're done shaking it will be chilled and ready for service. Dump the ice water, and fill the glass with the SAUCE!



12th Planet Invades Boys & Girls this Saturday

Thanks to everyone that came out last Boys & Girls w/ Saul, myself, and Squid Vicious. What a great night! Someone did make off w/ our guitarra though (picture below)! If you or anyone you know has it, please return to El D this Sat...no questions asked. You will be rewarded w/ one of El D's famous Mule cocktails.

Now onto business! We have a special edition of Boys & Girls lined up for this Saturday! 12th Planet will be gracing us w/ his presence for his San Diego debut! Over the last few B&G events, I'm sure some of you noticed we've been mixing in some Dubstep tracks. This may be a new genre to some of you and to others not so much. Either way, 12th Planet is sure to cause dance floor havoc throughout the bar this Saturday w/ this sound. He's already been coined "America's First King of Dubstep," and has been touring relentlessly throughout North America. His production and DJ sets are setting the trend for this new sound, so make sure to come out and see him in this intimate of a venue before he completely blows up and you have to pay $20 and fight your way through a 700 person club.

Check out 12 Planet's profile ASAP. Plus, click play below to hear his remix of MSTRKRFT & John Legend's anthem of 2009 - Heartbreaker.

For guest list consideration please email asalter1@hotmail.com or El Dorado directly.


La Guitarra!




Hey friends, the time has come for me to share my own music with you! Tonight at Young Guns I present my own music project called Bubblegum Sci Fi. I'm very excited about this project because it will be the platform for which I will release original music and remixes on a larger scale. Although I will still be djing, I'm going to play some original music and remixes that I hope will someday define the San Diego sound.
As some of you may know, I recently finished a remix of Passion Pit's "The Reeling' and its been blowing the roof of Young Guns in the past couple weeks. For those that havent heard it, you can check it out here. Special Thanks to Gabe Vega for edit the original video to fit the remix!!