2.1.09 // Open for the Super Bowl

Yo... We're gonna grab a bunch of pizza from Basic and watch the Super Bowl. Doors open at 2p. We're inviting some friends – as should you... there'll be  stools waiting for y'all at the bar.

PLUS this guy is doin' the halftime show!! (Ha)

And let's not forget the commercials... remember this one?

(We love our macs... They were rad in '84 too! Get well soon, Mr. Jobs!!!)

hope to see you there!


View from the Juke...



This weekend has been awesome! Thanks is due... The VICE party was nuts!! thank you Jon(s), Ikah Love, King Thadeous, Patrick Melcher, and Saviours//Annihilation Time for all your help. It was definitely an event to remember.

Also, a big thanks goes to Kimmy, Erika, Shaney Jo, and the rest of the crew at Keep-A-Breast, as well as the Lifetime Collective contingency, for last night's shindig (KAB//LIFETIME after party).

We still have one more great night planned!! Saul Q's BDAY Fiesta -- this wont disapoint...

This has been an amazing weekend (definitely our biggest weekend yet). Without a couple creative friends it would've been impossible

THANKS AGAIN to all who contributed!!!


The EL|D Crew

PS: Stay tuned for pics from the events


1.22-24.09 // ASR IS BLOWIN' DOWN DOORS!!!

BIG weekend!!

event #1: the VICE party

Bands, you ask? why yes!! And they want to melt your head off your shoulders with the power of metal:

PS: $5 cover at the door


Next up... Event #2 --- Keep-A-Breast for a Lifetime ---

This one's invite only... you'll need to nab a hard copy of the flier from KEEP-A-BREAST or LIFETIME COLLECTIVE while at the AGENDA or ASR trade shows...


And let's not forget #3: Saul Q's Fiesta on the Saturday the 24th 

WOW!! that's a large weekend!!! this is gonna be a nuts!


Events Anyone???

There's no doubt -- We like a good party... Y'all appear to enjoy the same. Recently, several of our friends have approached us about throwing their own party at EL DORADO. Of course, this is a fine idea. Including us in your party planning could be a wise decision.

In the next few weeks, we'll be having the following events:

1. Multiple bands
2. Sponsored buy-outs
3. Parties with local and international organizations
4. Wedding receptions
5. Non-profit benefit events
6. Photo/Video shoots
7. CD release parties
8. Cocktail hour social networking events
9. Holiday/themed parties
10. And birthdays galore

among others...

If you've got an interesting idea for an event, or planning a party like those above, and you feel EL DORADO COCKTAIL LOUNGE is a good environment, please feel free to contact us (contact@eldoradobar.com) at your leisure. Together, we can make your next event a pleasant story to be retold.


2.15.09 // Ikah Love and Ryan Koontz on the Local 94/9

Howdy Yall,

The El/D is "ON-AIR" (soon...)

DJ Ikah Love and Ryan Koontz will be joining Tim Pyles on the Local 94.9, Sunday, Feb. 15th, to chat about our Grand Opening (Feb. 19th!!!).  Tune in and join us, alongside other San Diego artists for a fun filled evening -- in your ear.  


1.24.09 // Saul's throwing his B'day Party...

To finish off the ASR weekend, one of our Saturday night Dj's, Saul Q, is throwing a birthday party. It's gonna be LARGE. The birthday boy has a simple wish for his big day ---> you + our bar + rad DJ's = FUN... check the flier:

We realize thats a lot to swallow, but lurk on these dj's (they're sic):

So, why is Saul so special? (a) he's a good dj, (b) he dj's at our bar, (c) He's nice... did we mention that he's a good dj? here's some goodies from SQZMYLMNS... One part Saul Q, one part Disc-O, all lemonade!

MP3: Oakland
MP3: Run

Show Saul Q some myspace love, and check out more SQZMYLMNS remixes and "smashups" at DISCODUST

Also, Stay tuned for more ASR parties... this could be an enormous weekend!!! (mark your calendars)