Young Guns - Every 2nd and 4th Saturday

Young Guns

Resident DJ(s):
DJ Ground Floor


Sounds Like:
Electro, dance, Indie Electro, Check it out

Notable Guests:

One of San Diego's best electro producers, DJ Groundfloor, has built up an arsenal of musical talent that gets the electro fans moving every night better than anyone around. Don't miss the monthly Event "VideoDrome" where renowned video DJ Gabe Vega explores the mixed media side of the party experience. But be careful, local sleeze photographer the "Style Shark" will be lurking, making sure you have some new pics for your Facebook.


Videodrome Sometimes! from mac nguyen on Vimeo.


The Silent Comedy in "Mustache Mayhem" @ El Dorado

El Silent Poison Comedy! from mac nguyen on Vimeo.

The boys from Silent Comedy Rocked the house with their CD release party and Mustache Mayhem. You can buy their CD on iTunes, or on their website www.thesilentcomedy.com. Cannot wait for next years party!!


we sold 230 Moscow Mules that night... Is that more than Starlite yet? :)


El Dorado is looking for Support Staff

El Dorado Cocktail Lounge is a hospitality venue focused on dependable cocktails and quality entertainment. We are seeking an individual to fill a part time Support Staff (aka Security) position.

1: If you’re interested in the position, please submit an email to contact@eldoradobar.com with the following items included:
- Attached Resume in PDF format
- Please choose 3 of the characteristics below and provide at least 3 sentences each on how you exemplify those characteristics.

Desired Characteristics:
1. Critical/Curious – You are eager to learn about the community El Dorado is developing and the cocktails/entertainment we provide.
2. Ambitious/Opportunistic - You are hungry for opportunities and understand the benefits of tenacity.
3. Self-Aware – You are honest with yourself about your strengths and flaws.
4. Fun/Enthusiastic – You enjoy working in a fun environment and are eager to spread your enjoyment with co-workers and guests.
5. Ethical/Communal – You are considerate of others in your actions.
6. Futuristic Thinking – You understand the benefits of developing long term relationships with others and understand the long term impact of your actions.

2: Once we have read over your responses and reviewed your resume we will contact you about scheduling an interview. Interviews are usually held Sun-Wed (12p-5p).

And of course, feel free to come down to the bar and introduce yourself. We would be glad to discuss our vision and community with you over a delicious cocktail.

If you have any questions, contact me (contact info below) at any time. Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you!


Saul Q has been the biggest promoter in San Diego thus far in 2010. He has taken partying back to the basics:
-Local Artists
-Party Music
-Great drinks

Join Saul Q with special guest DJ Chris Cutz this Friday for a night of the best in Old School Jams! Here is more on DJ Chris Cutz:

Growing up grooving to all the greats of 70s, 80s and 90s music, Chris turned to DJ-ing as a way to pay homage to the genre of music that he loves so much: Hip Hop. Fast forward to the present, he’s now a musical force to be recognized and reckoned with. When he’s on the clock his sets flow effortlessly between Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, House and Electro and the dance floor is packed until the house lights switch on. For 8 years Chris Cutz has been one of San Diego’s most sought after DJs. He’s the go-to guy for nearly every celebrity party that’s come into America’s Finest City and has entertained big names like: Beyonce, Kanye West, John Legend, Estelle, Jamie Foxx, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

Promoters and venues know that his name on a flyer equals big numbers through the door… And club-goers know that if he’s behind the decks, they’re in for a party rockin’ good time. His ingenious mixes, uncanny knack of choosing the right song at the right time and mind-boggling turntablist skills are what sets him above other DJs. He’s not just a club DJ playing for the girls and the hosted bar tab—he’s an artist, a student of Hip Hop and a practitioner of his musical craft. As a professional, he’s shared the stage with Z-Trip, AM, Mix Master Mike, DJ Riz of the Crooklyn Clan, Samantha Ronson and DJ Vice. And he’s also opened for big name acts like the Pharcyde, Blacksheep, People Under The Stairs, Mickey Avalon and Pittsburgh Slim.


Boys & Girls 5/1 w/ Gabe Vega, Andrew Decade, Salter

Boys & Girls party this Saturday:





http://www.sdgossipscene.com/ website party hosted by Felicia Michelle Canales