#8 // The Know How

Shite!!! Mad vexed at the moment. I just lost my second ebay auction of the day... Both to the same person. There's some other DH nerd out there real happy n shit about the clobber they just got over on me for. C'est la vie... Let's try, at least, to concentrate on what's good.
Super homies, The Upstarts are gonna join forces with The Grown Folk House Band for a very special performance tonight at Grown Folk Shit. Add to that a banging ass guest spot from our key comrade Latanya Lockett, and you've got a no-bullshit party. Bet.

Peep the Upstarts new video jawn:

The Upstarts "GOT WHAT IT TAKES" from Garvin Ha on Vimeo.

Jumps at 9pm.
$5 at the door, or free with rsvp to:


P.S. - special guest folk: DAMON BELL next week 6/11
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