Tonight's Event with DJ Rags and Grandmasta Rats is going to be LEGENDARY!

Dj Rags is a True San Diego Legend. You might catch him out and about week in and week out rockin the big SD or Hollywood night spots but you very rarely get to see the man get to catch wreck and just entirely open up his music selection to pretty much whatever he wants. Well this is one of those rare occasions and you get to see what makes this man a SD LEGEND! From his days on the mix at Z90's Hip Hop Shows alongside Kutfather to programming radio stations and throwing down at some of the most legendary clubs in San Diego like 555 Soul where crowds of Hip Hop heads would come week in and week out to hear the man bogard the tables in the middle of the night at a predominately House night and get open to the Golden Era Hip Hop sound for a quick 30-45 minute set. He will be throwing down just that and more through the course of the night.