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Notes from the Draft

For this installment we have a hearty brew perfect for the coming chill of winter: Ommegang Abbey Ale. This bold draft is the flagship of Ommegang Brewery, whom says this of their Belgian Ale:
Meditate on this dark ruby elixir. Breathe in its deep emanations of fruit and spice. Is that clove you smell? Licorice? Fig? Sip serenely as revelations of honey, toffee, chocolate and dark dried fruit delight your senses. Can a beer be holy? you wonder, and Where can I get a grail on-line?

Ommegang, our first brew, was inspired by the centuries-old brewing practices of the Belgian Trappist monks. This burgundian brew gives off a variety of aromas, including plum and cinnamon, and packs in flavors such as caramel, toffee, and licorice. At 8.5% abv, it is known to cause spontaneous meditation.
But, these words are worthless when compared to the palettes of our thirsty patrons... so, let's take it to the pro's! We did a taste test at the bar:

"Ripe Banana in the nose" -John

"I Agree, ripe banana... and... coffee and red apple in the body" -Megan

"Baaannnaaaannnaaa.... I got a little, um, dark meat, yeah like minerals" -Dirty Diana

"I don't know... It's kinda yeasty - Yeah, really yeasty. AND, cherry undertones..." -Juli

last but not least... Josh claims, "That's an interesting beer." Well, there you have it. Now, you be the judge. Give Ommegang Abbey a try and be sure to tell us what you think.


Booth available for Ny Eve...

Do you have a thirsty crew of friends coming to town for New Years Eve and still need a place to go? Well, we might have an option for y'all. One of our booths became available for reservation. This is a first-come-first-serve offer for you and NINE of your friends. The reservation includes entry fees for you and your friends, along with front-of-line privileges till 10pm, two bottles of your preferred liquor, a bottle of champagne, and a booth (of course) that seats about five comfortably. The booths will be in a private VIP section so you and yours can do NY Eve proper, with plenty of elbow room.

The cost?... $650

If the booth scenario isn't your style, we still have extra pre-sale tickets available for general entry. The going rate is $15 a person, which includes entertainment - DJ Trevor Young - and a champagne toast.

If you're interested in either offer, forward this email to Nate (nathan@eldoradobar.com) with detailed info about your group.

If you've already got plans - GO HARD!! Unless you plan on taking it easy... GO EASY!! But, regardless of your intentions, have a safe/awesome New Years celebration.

Best wishes,

El Dorado Cocktail Lounge


12.24.08 // OPEN on XMAS eve

hi y'all,

as the title alludes, we'll be open on Xmas eve!

Let's share in holiday cheer, over spiked nog (and some other silly cocktails Nate said he had up his sleeve)... the bottom line is: if you're still in SD, so are we - so, help us celebrate the holiday!


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12.31.08 // New Years Eve, 2008

Soooooooo... We're gonna be bringing in the New Year with some bubbly (of course), and the fine sounds of DJ Trevor Young and friends performing on the tables.

We will likely be at capacity, so If you'd like to guarantee your entry contact Nathan (nathan@eldoradobar.com) for guest list reservations asap. We'll have a $15 cover charge starting at 8pm. The cover includes a champagne toast at midnight and plenty of fun for all.  


12.19.08 // Dj.Rat.Star is in for surgery

hello again!

So, we built a dj booth. For our next trick, we're gonna fill it with a DJ!!! Surprise!

Dj.rat.star will be doin' the do on Friday night (Dec. 19th). Here's a taste of the skills... dude is sic! If you can't make it out, we'll be posting regular updates through twitter... also stay tuned for our flickr and youtube updates from the event. 


12.14.08 // Hayley, Lily, and Karin from Henry's

This sunday we're honored to have three lovely guest bartenders!! Hayley, Lily, and Karin from Henry's Pub! ...You may be wondering: What's so special about these girls? well here's a preview of their fancy footwork!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

It's obvious these girls can shake it... They're also really excited to meet our new friends! so come and help us welcome them on Sunday, from 8p til close. Should be fun!


Bottle Service... El Dorado Style

I don't think El Dorado will ever be (or wants to be) known primarily as a bottle service lounge, but when Doug, one of our loyal patrons, asked if his crew could have a bottle of champagne at their booth I had to think quick.  As soon as I grabbed the bottle out of the cooler, I realized we had no champagne chillers.  I scavenged the back looking for an old tin or something that would fit a bottle... no luck.  I went back out to the bar and bought some time by telling him I'd be right back with the goods. then, over to my right, i noticed an empty tub that we used for beers at our house parties.  Perfect!  I stashed 10 Oly cans neatly (as neatly as an oly could be stashed) around a bottle of Moet and there you have it: Bottle Service, El Dorado Style.  Ha!


12.20.08 // Shark Attack

This should be interesting...

12.20.08 - Shark Attack

Would you like a taste?

no, YOU clap!.mp3 - Shark Attack



Looking for the right person?

Here are some practical tools for use while at the bar...
(Props to Videogum)


We're throwing a party, so come and play!

For those still in town (or coming home) for the holidays, we wanted to provide y'all a place to share thanks and gratitude... We're happy to be open and would like to show gratitude for the people that supported us throughout the completion of our bar. We would also like to welcome some new friends, too... So, If you're in town tomorrow night, come join us for some merrymaking and thanksgiving!! 


Otis says...

So, El Dorado is open to the public - What better time to begin a story about my experiences in this place, right? I am one of few whom witnessed the long transformation of this dive bar. My experiences on this old wall began when the owner's of George's Night Cap (the true origin of that bar top) lobbed me up here. I endured several decades as watchman of all things 1030 Broadway...

But things changed - when new owners wanted an asian themed bar (the Hong Kong Niteclub), a giant taxidermy albino buffalo became aesthetically unappealing. They removed me from my post and tossed me in the back of the bar with the rest of the junk. For 30 years, I waited in the dark for another 'change.'

Then, it happened... Last February, the Stanton brothers, and their partners, set me free! When they finally sealed ownership, they sought a shift in identity for the bar. Now, I'm Back!!! And the place is lookin' pretty good! They remodeled most of the interior... The flooring shines with gold fleck, and their jukebox sits conveniently under my nose... now, I get a chance to greet all those who add a quarter to the juke, while continuing my duties as faithful watchman. Things are good! But let's not forget the past...

These Stanton kids are young and excited to be here - you can tell their passion the second you meet em... There's no doubt they love this place, but will they be loved back? I've seen several come and go. The view from this wall can provide a cruel sight. But these guys seem different then what I'm used to seeing around here. Only time will tell if their vision becomes gold.

From time time, I'll keep y'all posted on what I see, so we can share their story. It can get pretty lonely up here, though... so come visit me, bring friends, or leave comments about my stories.

hope to see you soon, and welcome to El Dorado

 - Otis


El Dorado Opens Monday, November 24th!

The owners and staff at El Dorado Cocktail Lounge are extremely excited to open the doors for the San Diego community on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 5:00pm.  Since February 2nd of this year, this has been a work in progress.  During that time we transformed a formerly run-down, dilapidated bar into a lounge that is comfortable and attractive, yet still maintains the character and history of a bar that has existed since the 1940's.  The theme is classic Dive-Lounge with influences from our upbringing in the Pacific Northwest, and the rugged frontier of the American gold rush.  As our namesake, the fabled city of gold is our overarching metaphor... We have traveled long and hard to realize El Dorado's existence.  We have spent 5 years trying to get a bar off the ground. We are extremely honored to present the final product, and share our experiences with you.  We hope you enjoy El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, and we eagerly await your arrival!

...Welcome to El Dorado


If you have a story related to our business (and questions, comments, or concerns) feel free to share. Contact us at your leisure:

contact@eldoradobar.com -- ph. 619.237.0550 -- fx. 619.237.0559