EL||D Abroad...

Some news and notes from the road...

Hey Guys!

We've been having a crazy trip. Bouncing back and forth between Ireland and England. I've attached a photo that I took from some video on stage at the O2 Arena in London wearing my El D shirt. Also, I included a photo standing on the stage once it was full of people (20,000). Thought these may make for an interesting blog post. On our last day in London I will get some photos wearing it with Big Ben in the background or something.

I've been missing all of you guys, and look forward to coming home. I'll be back Monday the 2nd, but am flying into LAX and staying in LA for a while to have some meetings. I'll definitely be in to say hi to everyone the next night. Oh, the shirt was a huge hit. People have been commenting on it (including the Killers drummer Ronnie, who totally wants one).

Talk to you soon!
Welcome back, Josh!!

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