3.14.09 // Ikah Loves Groundfloor on the PI

We're throwing a massive celebration for PI y'all!!! that's right, folks - it's PI DAY, an amazing celebration which recognizes the epic(ness) of 3.141592653589793......

Just sayin - It's major, y'all - the frickin number never ENDS! so, we're selling all our Booze!!! Let's embrace this landmark event together! Now, I know what you're thinking: "How will we celebrate such a HUGE discovery?" Well, I think our boys Ikah Love and DJ Groundfloor have it covered


here's Groundfloor's latest audio concoction - BOOMBOX EPISODE 3 (MP3)

Will this be the party that never ends? We would like to think so... but, unlike PI, good things must end (because we wouldn't be able to discuss the aftermath on Facebook, right?)

Regardless, come say (or hi) with us!!!
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