3.5.09 // GREYBOY!!!

Bonjour à nouveau,

How is everybody? Glad to see you're all still here. Nice place, this here blog, innit? What have you been up to lately? Anything particularly interesting? Me, I've just been cooking a lot and spanning time. I did go to the ballet recently. Super grown. I was joined by two of the most wonderful creatures on the planet... truly the salt of the earth these two.

So, what is everybody doing this evening? If you haven't any plans, we are having quite the party tonight at El D. Tonight, being Thursday, is the night for some ol' Grown Folk Shit. Our menu for the evening will start with a live set by the Grown Folk House Band starting at 9pm, to be followed by a selection of top sides prepared by our resident grown ass dj Ikah Love. Topping things off we have very special guest dj GREYBOY.

Greyboy is a bonafide San Diego pioneer, an incredibly talented artist and a bananas dj. He is currently preparing to release his 1st album in nearly 5 years (titled 'Era Correct' his 1st release on Soundlock Recordings). Trust he will be getting a lot of shine this year once the record drops. We would like to presume that most everybody out there is already familiar with ol' boy's work and his irrefutable place in the history of San Diego's music landscape, as well as his pioneering role in the international acid jazz/downtempo/post-hip hop movement of the nineties... but, in case you're not knowin, peep the links:

-here's an insightful 2008 OC Weekly article

-this is a cool video interview form the vaguely BMX oriented web site 'Defgrip' (fyi - big homie is also a BMX enthusiast as well as a design maniac - check the bottom link)

-press release for his 2008 '15 Years Of West Coast Cool' compilation on Ubiquity Records

-2008 Vapors Magazine article

-pretty much entirely unrelated, but oh so gangster (you must read the entire article)

*The party tonight is free with your rsvp to GROWNFOLK.RSVP@GMAIL.COM
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