5/23 - Bird Pete Swervin Thru Cali

Bird Peterson = The greatest, most blogged up Baltimore Club/Electro producer/dj from Texas. Ever. Guaranteed.

Based out of Austin, dude has been getting a lot of love the last few years in a lot of places and from a lot of folk, including most of your heros. He's got the interweb well covered... getting shine on everything from the Hollertronix Board to Discobelle (catch his 2007 Discobelle exclusive mix here). His tunes regularly get rinsed by er'body from A-Trak to Diplo. In fact there's some super janky phone-cam video on the intranet of The Bloody Beetroots playing his song 'The Essence' at Coachella to like a trillion screaming Coachellaers... Look it up if you want, but trust, it's low tech. He's got tracks on all the right labels and mix tapes... Head over to the Dim Mak blog for a free load of his remix of the new Felix Cartal single "Skeleton", or swerve on by Turntable Lab (one of our friendly sponsors for this special event - big up yourself Dave!) and peep some of his original works (personal fave = the Kells "Ignition" remix. Make sure you check for it.). To top things off, your dude is quite the graphic artist... Run through his photo albums on the space an peep all the fly flier and album artwork that he do.
So... this Saturday Bird Peterson will be poppin' trunk over at the Young Guns party at El Dorado, along with resident jocs Ikah Love and Groundfloor. It's gonna be a bonafide shit-ton-o-purp-sippin-fun. Promise.

The party starts at 9pm and is $7 at the door, or free with your rsvp to:
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