The Analog Show presents The Twelves! El Dorado! from mac nguyen on Vimeo.

SO SEXY!!! This might replicate some of the alleged incidents that occurred on that fine Saturday evening in March... But, much is lost in translation (e.g., the debauchery that ensued after the after the after the after party!). Although this video clearly demonstrates how "Special" this event was. Thank you Mr. Mac for showing the world how fun things can get at our little spot on the globe. Also, huge props, again, to Mr. Salter for promoting,

Let's not forget an enormous thank you to The TWELVES!!! Show these dudes some myspace/FB lovin' -- with a couple of your kind words, and a little luck, maybe they'll be back at EL||D sooner than later!

Please don't crash Mr. Innnerweb, cuz we wanna hold on to this memory as long as possible!!

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