What do y'all wanna watch?

So, many of y'all have noticed our taste in video entertainment has been evolving. We started with 'Chicks Who Love Machine Guns.' Then, our interests migrated to the vast array of spaghetti westerns, classic horror/sci-fi flicks, and various Ray Harryhousen masterpieces... Now, we seem to be stuck on a late 80's/early 90's kick. All of these genres seem to relate with our bar's aesthetic (the Westerns), or our staff's youth (the rest).

As of late, we've continued our pursuit for the greatest, most awe-inspiring, stunning, strange, bizarre, unique, (add word from thesaurus here), videos... after scavenging various swap meets and pa-rousing 'ole amazon.com, we've got some EL||D blockbuster en route:

Bob Ross 3-hour instructional video (that's right, 3 HOURS!!!)

What videos do you recommend?

...and based on popular demand:


Once upon a time...

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