Mixology 101, ep. 2... Jack Rose

So, tomorrow morning will be our second episode of what the 91x Morning Show is calling Mixology 101. We'll be shakin' up another pre-prohibition classic cocktail: the Jack Rose.

Because we'll probably spend most of our air time talking shop with the morning show motley crew, we wanted to share some background on this most excellent American cocktail...

We saught out the good Dr. Wondrich for insight on this one... in his book, Imbibe! (which is very worth reading if you're into American history and/or BOOZE), he sites the origin of this cocktail dating back to the days of the infamous Cocktail Bill Boothby (he was first to print a recipe in 1905). He goes on to explain a possible origin, including a couple tall tails about the mob and/or wily caterers. But, the namesake of this one more than likely comes from its ingredients. Apple Brandy was the base spirit, and was/is known as applejack. The use of grenadine imparted a rose color. Hence, Jack Rose. Wondrich encourages the use of lime juice (ala Jaques Straub's 1914 Recipe in Drinks). We preferred old Boothby's incantation. So, without further adieu...

  • 1 1/2 oz Laird's Apple Jack Bottled-in-Bond*
  • 1/2 oz FRESHLY SQUEEZED Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 oz Grenadine (and not the store bought $#!T... see the notes about proper grenadine)**


*The "bottle-in-bond" part is VERY IMPORTANT. It shows that the spirit was created, from harvesting apples to distillation, in the confines of the Laird & Co distillery. It also assures that the spirit was barreled at a low proof and bottled at a HIGH proof, which is good because the apple flavor comes through while the alcohol helps open the other ingredient's aromas.

**The BEST and easiest homemade grenadine recipe is one created by Paul Clarke for Imbibe Magazine - Check it here - If you wanna blow your guest's minds! It's 100% mandatory you use this recipe, or one like it. The texture and flavor it imparts screams LEGIT!

***Before adding the ingredients, set aside a cocktail glass and fill it with cracked ice and a bit of water. By the time you're done shaking it will be chilled and ready for service. Dump the ice water, and fill the glass with the SAUCE!


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