12th Planet Invades Boys & Girls this Saturday

Thanks to everyone that came out last Boys & Girls w/ Saul, myself, and Squid Vicious. What a great night! Someone did make off w/ our guitarra though (picture below)! If you or anyone you know has it, please return to El D this Sat...no questions asked. You will be rewarded w/ one of El D's famous Mule cocktails.

Now onto business! We have a special edition of Boys & Girls lined up for this Saturday! 12th Planet will be gracing us w/ his presence for his San Diego debut! Over the last few B&G events, I'm sure some of you noticed we've been mixing in some Dubstep tracks. This may be a new genre to some of you and to others not so much. Either way, 12th Planet is sure to cause dance floor havoc throughout the bar this Saturday w/ this sound. He's already been coined "America's First King of Dubstep," and has been touring relentlessly throughout North America. His production and DJ sets are setting the trend for this new sound, so make sure to come out and see him in this intimate of a venue before he completely blows up and you have to pay $20 and fight your way through a 700 person club.

Check out 12 Planet's profile ASAP. Plus, click play below to hear his remix of MSTRKRFT & John Legend's anthem of 2009 - Heartbreaker.

For guest list consideration please email asalter1@hotmail.com or El Dorado directly.


La Guitarra!


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