So... what are you dressing up as?

The crew at ELD has decided to become a pack of bloodthirsty ZOMBIES!! We know the genre is a bit cliche these days (e.g., the extensive result in wikipedia – check the 30+ references! lol), but we can't resist. With over 12 zombie films in our movie library, you kinda have to consider the option.

Enough about the costumes... Let's get to the festivities!

We're starting this holiday weekend with a monstrous bash. Our friends at HOME are teaming up with Mint Footwear and throwing a release party for their new line. They were hoping y'all would join in. Check it:
(Select the flier to make larger)

Then, on Saturday, the grand Finale!

DIRTY SWEET will finally play at El Dorado -- Why the dramatic description? A fine question... First of all, the rusty pipes/raspy voice of the band belong to our esteemed Cocktailians, and part-owner, Ryan Kuntz. Second, we love halloween - What night of debauchery would be better for their debut? Aka a 'NO-BRAINER'

LOOK OUT! Another flier!!!...

Tickets are selling FAST!! This will definitely sell out, so grab your tix now!! You can purchase tickets at the top-right of this page.


Zombie Kin -- JOIN US!!!!
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