Saul Q. VS. Adam Salter this Saturday at B&G

First off, thanks to everyone that made it out to Boys & Girls a couple Saturdays back w/ French legend Alan Braxe! That was serious fun. Check out the video a few posts down to witness the mayhem. When I asked Alan if he had fun, he said Boys & Girls and his gig in LA (Discotheque) were 2 of the best shows on his tour, which included SF, NYC, and Chicago to name a few.

Transition: We have a pretty dangerous crew/night put together for this Saturday's edition of Boys & Girls at El D. Saul Q...the man needs no introduction. This Sat he'll be losing his B&G virginity as he and I battle it out on the decks. The Hi Ball Kids will be hosting and losing their B&G virginity as well. Just a forewarning, I don't know anyone that party's harder than these guys. Up and coming youngster Squid Vicious will be opening up w/ a solid selection of indie jams. And of course Norton, photographer/entertainment extraordinaire, will be doing what he does best: snapping shots, taking shots, drinking PBR, and getting loose. Note to self: You can't use "getting loose" in every post.

Segue: Get to El D early on Saturday and prepare for a nice hangover Sunday. Contact me, asalter1@hotmail.com, or El Dorado directly about guest list options.

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