BRAXE, and a beverage

come back, Mr. Braxe!! PLEASE!

Really, y'all. the guy was a class act. Total pro - the following video is only a piece of the action, cuz dude set it off. Show him some love and buy his music. Better yet, sound off on his myspace and request that he returns to SD/ELDo -- hopefully, next time he'll be with 'friends'

Oh, and for those enquiring minds, an added bonus...

Our recipe for the MOSCOW MULE

Shake/stir first three ingredients (vodka, juice, bitters) with fresh ice in a mixing glass. Strain over more fresh ice in a hi-ball glass (or mason jar, like we use at eldo). Top with ginger beer and garnish with the mint sprig and lime wedge. Serve with a big smile!

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