SECS This Thursday

This Thursday we’re showcasing something for the ladies. That’s right, Seduction Empowerment… Ever heard of it? Well, it isn’t about taking someone to bed, and waking up next to some dude with a sweet stache and wondering… what the hell happened?! Seduction Empowerment is a bit different. Seduction Empowerment Coaching Sessions (SECS), is about empowering women with scientifically tested dating techniques. The folks at SECS believe that more knowledge will bring more options when dating. By building confidence, discovering your dating preferences, and understanding what your body language is truly saying, you can have more fun and more opportunity in the dating world! After this educational event, you’ll have all the necessary tools to find that special person(s).

Unlike the many worthless and unproven self-help books, SECS uses scientific evidence to back up their lessons. Tricia Yeomans (interpersonal coach/presenter for the night!) attained her M.A. at SDSU while researching nonverbal communication in dating. Her work has been published in popular media, like Cosmopolitan, as well. Who better to present on this stuff, right?

So come on out to EL||D this Thursday and check out SECS! Class begins at 6:30p. There will be a $5 cover at the door. Space will be limited, so If you’re interested RSVP ==> HERE. Plus, after the session, guest vocalist Latanya Lockett will be performing with Ikah Love and the Grown Folk House Band. Should be a great night!

See ya there!

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