Otis says...

So, El Dorado is open to the public - What better time to begin a story about my experiences in this place, right? I am one of few whom witnessed the long transformation of this dive bar. My experiences on this old wall began when the owner's of George's Night Cap (the true origin of that bar top) lobbed me up here. I endured several decades as watchman of all things 1030 Broadway...

But things changed - when new owners wanted an asian themed bar (the Hong Kong Niteclub), a giant taxidermy albino buffalo became aesthetically unappealing. They removed me from my post and tossed me in the back of the bar with the rest of the junk. For 30 years, I waited in the dark for another 'change.'

Then, it happened... Last February, the Stanton brothers, and their partners, set me free! When they finally sealed ownership, they sought a shift in identity for the bar. Now, I'm Back!!! And the place is lookin' pretty good! They remodeled most of the interior... The flooring shines with gold fleck, and their jukebox sits conveniently under my nose... now, I get a chance to greet all those who add a quarter to the juke, while continuing my duties as faithful watchman. Things are good! But let's not forget the past...

These Stanton kids are young and excited to be here - you can tell their passion the second you meet em... There's no doubt they love this place, but will they be loved back? I've seen several come and go. The view from this wall can provide a cruel sight. But these guys seem different then what I'm used to seeing around here. Only time will tell if their vision becomes gold.

From time time, I'll keep y'all posted on what I see, so we can share their story. It can get pretty lonely up here, though... so come visit me, bring friends, or leave comments about my stories.

hope to see you soon, and welcome to El Dorado

 - Otis
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