Booth available for Ny Eve...

Do you have a thirsty crew of friends coming to town for New Years Eve and still need a place to go? Well, we might have an option for y'all. One of our booths became available for reservation. This is a first-come-first-serve offer for you and NINE of your friends. The reservation includes entry fees for you and your friends, along with front-of-line privileges till 10pm, two bottles of your preferred liquor, a bottle of champagne, and a booth (of course) that seats about five comfortably. The booths will be in a private VIP section so you and yours can do NY Eve proper, with plenty of elbow room.

The cost?... $650

If the booth scenario isn't your style, we still have extra pre-sale tickets available for general entry. The going rate is $15 a person, which includes entertainment - DJ Trevor Young - and a champagne toast.

If you're interested in either offer, forward this email to Nate (nathan@eldoradobar.com) with detailed info about your group.

If you've already got plans - GO HARD!! Unless you plan on taking it easy... GO EASY!! But, regardless of your intentions, have a safe/awesome New Years celebration.

Best wishes,

El Dorado Cocktail Lounge
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