Bottle Service... El Dorado Style

I don't think El Dorado will ever be (or wants to be) known primarily as a bottle service lounge, but when Doug, one of our loyal patrons, asked if his crew could have a bottle of champagne at their booth I had to think quick.  As soon as I grabbed the bottle out of the cooler, I realized we had no champagne chillers.  I scavenged the back looking for an old tin or something that would fit a bottle... no luck.  I went back out to the bar and bought some time by telling him I'd be right back with the goods. then, over to my right, i noticed an empty tub that we used for beers at our house parties.  Perfect!  I stashed 10 Oly cans neatly (as neatly as an oly could be stashed) around a bottle of Moet and there you have it: Bottle Service, El Dorado Style.  Ha!
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