Appleton tastes good


Last week, we had a great rum tasting with Appleton Rum and Willy Shine from Contemporary Cocktails Inc.

Here's a the rest of the photos from the event...

And here's the list of cocktails they were foolin' with (very delicious! Particularly, the Dub Treo)

Dub Treo
1.5oz Appleton Estate Reserve
.75oz Carpano Antica
.75oz Aperol
Dash of whiskey barrel aged bitters
Garnish: Orange Flame
Glass: Cocktail glass
PREP: Build all ingredients over ice, stir till freezing and strain into a chilled coop glass and garnish


1.5oz Appleton Estate Reserve
Juice of half a lime
Bar spoon Agave nectar (1-1)
Ting (Jamaican grapefruit soda) -- VERY IMPORTANT!
Garnish: Lemon thyme or pink grapefruit skin
Glass: Highball
PREP: Build in the highball glass


Reserve Luxury Daiquri
2oz Appleton Estate Reserve
1oz Demerara syrup (1-1)
1oz Fresh lime juice
1 blackberry
.5 Pom Wonderful
1 Bar spoon Maraschino liquor (luxardo)
Garnish: Lime wheel
Glass: Cocktail glass
PREP: Muddle the blackberry build the rest of the ingredients shake and strain into a chilled coop glass and garnish

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