Thats right y'all guess who's back with a BRAND NEW BAG!!!

Thursday night, November 19th, Profile & Iron Mike bring you ALL THINGS RAD!!! This is STRICTLY for those of you that have no where to go hear the music you grew up on, and are tired of getting dragged out to some shitty club just to spend a note on 3 drinks, shitty music and even SHITTIER people!!!! Well come on DOWN!!! We will be taking out the " Downtown " garbage so to speak, and replacing it with ladies and gents who respect good music, good people and GREAT FUCKING ATMOSPHERE!!! We will be premiering and playing skate flics and classic movies all night while Iron Mike & Profile + Special guests throw down the raddest " FUCK THE CLUB " tunes to get your feets a tappin!!! there will be giveaways from some of our sponsors and contests to win FREE SHIT!!! So put on your best Chucks, Winos, Flannels, Vans and 501's and bring a healthy appetite for HOT CHICKS, CLASSIC COCKTAILS, THE BEST TUNES & THE BEST TIMES!!! All going down Thursday Nov.19 th @ El Dorado Bar 1030 Broadway San Diego, Ca 92101... BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

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