This weekend has been awesome! Thanks is due... The VICE party was nuts!! thank you Jon(s), Ikah Love, King Thadeous, Patrick Melcher, and Saviours//Annihilation Time for all your help. It was definitely an event to remember.

Also, a big thanks goes to Kimmy, Erika, Shaney Jo, and the rest of the crew at Keep-A-Breast, as well as the Lifetime Collective contingency, for last night's shindig (KAB//LIFETIME after party).

We still have one more great night planned!! Saul Q's BDAY Fiesta -- this wont disapoint...

This has been an amazing weekend (definitely our biggest weekend yet). Without a couple creative friends it would've been impossible

THANKS AGAIN to all who contributed!!!


The EL|D Crew

PS: Stay tuned for pics from the events
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