1.24.09 // Saul's throwing his B'day Party...

To finish off the ASR weekend, one of our Saturday night Dj's, Saul Q, is throwing a birthday party. It's gonna be LARGE. The birthday boy has a simple wish for his big day ---> you + our bar + rad DJ's = FUN... check the flier:

We realize thats a lot to swallow, but lurk on these dj's (they're sic):

So, why is Saul so special? (a) he's a good dj, (b) he dj's at our bar, (c) He's nice... did we mention that he's a good dj? here's some goodies from SQZMYLMNS... One part Saul Q, one part Disc-O, all lemonade!

MP3: Oakland
MP3: Run

Show Saul Q some myspace love, and check out more SQZMYLMNS remixes and "smashups" at DISCODUST

Also, Stay tuned for more ASR parties... this could be an enormous weekend!!! (mark your calendars)

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