(C)here's to fall! MENU RELEASE TONIGHT!!

(C)here's to Fall

Fall is upon us and with the change of season means its time for new cocktail menu. Moving on from the delicious, citrusy, refreshing drinks of the summer to the ever so comforting, warm drinks that remind us of the fall. Although we only select six drinks for our guests to pick from, it comes with great deliberation. Many minds join together to pick only the best recipes and concoctions, all while taking into consideration some of the finer points;

Tasting and testing the drinks is a very important part of the menu. We spend hours, days, weeks, months to find just what we think you are looking for and what you would expect from us at the El Dorado. With out testing what you have prepared you just cant get a good feel for what your selling. We look for balance. Nobody likes a drink that is overly sweetened. Nor does anyone I know like a drink that is ridiculously sour. Some folks prefer to taste the spirit, some like it masked a bit more. Either way the drink should be well balanced.

Continual research and development is essential for what we do. With so many spirits, mixers and liqueurs on the market there is a lot to choose from. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the variety of products that are available to us. It is essential to be able to differentiate between what is a quality product and what is just good marketing. It's Also very important to know whats hot, whats not, and which of these have lasted the test of time.
Traveling from bar to bar, city to city, meeting with fellow bar tenders and friends around the nation. Talking shop, sharing shots and stories with the leaders of this fine industry. It's truly amazing what cocktails others have come up with for their own unique programs. From the awesome bars we visit in LA such as Seven Grand, The Varnish, Coles and Villains Tavern. In San Francisco our dear friends at bars such as 15 Romolo, Wilson and Wilson, and Churchill. To the leaders In New York City at Milk & Honey and Mayahuel.

It all comes down to this. The final product, and one BIG party. Come join us for our Fall Menu Release on September 20th @ 7pm. It promises to be top notch. Special thanks to Christian Siglin (Craft & Commerce) Eric Johnson (Noble Experiment, Craft & Commerce) Steve Tuttle (El Dorado, Craft & Commerce) Dom Nieto (El Dorado, Craft & Commerce), and everyone else that has helped us along the way.

Matt Stanton
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