Learning to Drink by Family - Collins Family**

Learning to Drink by Family - Collins Family


The first days of April bring many things to us; the change in weather, extra hours of sun, celebrations of all kind, Family Night and cocktails. This week is the Collins family. No, not the Phil Collins and his family.
Im talking about the drink. The Tom Collins is where it all started. This drink traditionally made with Gin was the "cat's meow" in its hay day. Everybody wanted one (or 7). Not to the point where you weren't cool if you didn't have one. But it could only help your situation. On the other hand, it was one of the most refreshing cocktails, and still is. This delicious adult beverage consists of:
- a healthy amount of Gin.
- Fresh lemon juice
- a couple lumps of sugar (or liquid sugar, better know as simple syrup, a.k.a azĂșcar way)
finished off with some soda water.

I always say "this is one of my Favorite drinks!" but thats not fair. I can't say that about every family of cocktails (even though it's usually true at the time). Really though, this is one of my favorites to make. There are endless variations to this drink and 96% of the time they are all great. Take that standard Tom Collins for example. swap out the soda bubbles for some champagne. WOE! now were talking. I know how you ladies like your champagne, turns out so do the guys. They just don't like to admit it. . Lets be realistic here, you put some Gin, champagne, maybe even some fresh lumps of fruit into any tall glass. you got a winning combination for anybody.

Lets not stop there. Get on in and try a collins with the some Gossling's dark rum, fresh orange juice, a little lemon, a little sugar, an orange garnish. It's called the "Northside Special". By no means is it anything less then special.

Thanks for reading, Hope to see you for our next installment of Family Night at the El Dorado Cocktail lounge.

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