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Learning to Drink by Family:

The end of Winter often brings about many changes. Shortened nights and warmer weather often allows us to get out and enjoy the world after being dormant during the cold months. Fortunately, this also brings us together to enjoy the company of family. And historically involves the enjoyment of fine adult beverages (aka cocktails) to welcome the warm weather to come.

Like spring, family can have different meanings varying by person and circumstance. For some of us family means our parents and siblings. For others it involves the loyalty and intimacy associated with close friends and relations. Still, for others (usually the more scientific) it means a group of related things. It makes sense that science would adopt the term family since so much of science is based on progression and building upon previous knowledge. No matter how you view it, family is based on foundations.

Cocktails are no different. Like our blood and flesh families, cocktails can be complex and deep, or simple and light. Some are exciting and new, while others we just simply can’t seem to get along with. No matter how you mix it, when you find a cocktail (or family member) that you like you can bet it has a rich and interesting past.

El Dorado Cocktail Lounge is based on families. From the family of brothers (and a few very close friends) who founded the bar, to the close-knit staff, the loyal and family-like patrons, and the cocktail families that are the basis for our seasonal menus, family comes first at El Dorado. This is the basis for “Family Night” at El Dorado.

No, we don’t want you to bring your kids. But you can bring your brother, your mother, an aunt, or just a good friend (as long as their all 21+). We’ll be featuring 3 unique drinks from a different cocktail family every Tuesday evening, each for only $5 all night long! Of course we’ll still have our awesome happy hour (from 7pm to 9pm). So come on down and learn to drink by family.

Learning to Drink by Family Volume 1

Author: Zachary N. Wordes (El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, The Industry Research Group)

Editor: Justin F. Fortier (El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, The Industry Research Group)
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