Spring Menu Release Party is here!!

Dear Friends and Fans of El Dorado,

Today we finalized our spring menu. We would love it if you were able to come by and join us for a delicious libation, enjoy our company, and tell us what you think of our newest batch of carefully crafted classic cocktails.

We are proud to introduce 5 new cocktails onto our spring menu. We have been slaving away behind the bar for the last several weeks (...hiccup) to come up with, what many of us are considering our best menu yet.

This season we have gotten some great insider tips from one of the most renowned bartenders in the world, from one of the most famous cocktail bars in the nation (Milk and Honey). Our friends over at Noble Experiment have shared with us the ways of crafting a proper cocktail. You can bet your bottom dollar that we have some of the best cocktails around, and we are not afraid to try and prove it.

The process was strenuous and laborious....

1. We began by coming up with a list of at least 10 classic drinks for each spirit we wanted to include (63 cocktails in all).
-Cocktail suggestions came from all around... bartenders, guests, consultants, websites, etc...

2. Did a 2 day tasting taking notes on each drink looking for the classics that fit the spring season just right.

3. After shaking our hangovers, we then narrowed it down to ten finalists. We did a final blind tasting with some lucky guests and came up with a cocktail menu we are very proud to offer you, our friends.

4. PARTY TIME!! Come check out the new Menu March 24th, 2010. 7p-2a. $5 Menu Cocktails all night!

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