Jan 2010... A look back

Well we barged into the new decade with one of the funnest months in recorded history... Not sure how long we have been recording fun levels, but none the less, what-a-month it has been! We thought we would share with y'all a list of some of our favorites from this month and see what everyone else thinks. Thank you to those who have helped us usher in the new decade in decadence and style, enjoy.

Menu Cocktail of the Month:
Oaxaca Old Fashion (1.5oz Forta Leza Reposado Tequila, .5oz Metl Mezcal, barspoon of Agave Nectar, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters, stirred with cracked ice)

Off the Menu Cocktail of the Month:
Classic Manhattan (2oz Buffalo Trace, 1oz Antica Sweet Vermouth, stirred with cracked ice, served up in a chilled coupe)

Party of the Month:
All Things Rad - January 21st: The night the pool table lost its virginity... need we say more?

Biggest Party:
Saul Q's Birthday Finale w/ DJs I show Myself and Jay Dred- Glad we could make it a good one buddy!

Best Reason to come in for Happy Hour in January:
$5 Moscow Mules

Best Name for a Night:
Smooth and Sexy Sundays with Sterling Barkus

Movie of the Month Club (seen at El Dorado):
Holy Mountain
Garbage Pale Kids
Never Ending Story

- J40
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