Happy Houred wants to celebrate... Dec. 17

Happy Houred Party! (For Blog)

Happy Houred is a new search engine/iPhone app that tracks... well... Happy Hours! They're focused in major markets like NY, SF, LA, Chi, etc. Now, after a bunch of fan requests, San Diego is gettin' theirs!

SD folks can now use the iPhone app/Online features to find the best local happy hour deals as well as other great features like geolocating/google maps, bar type, specific drink and food offers, and easy-to-use cataloging.

To celebrate, Happy Houred is coming to El Dorado and hosting a kick-off soiree, Thursday Dec. 17. Thanks to our friends at Alchemy there will be FOOD! Thanks to DonQ Rum there will be BOOZE (in the form of seasonal cocktails). AND... Like the iPhone app, food stuffs and drinks are on the Happy Houred crew's tab – OPEN BAR FROM 6-8p – So, bring friends and catch some truly awesome savings before the xmas spending spree!

Hope to see you there


– The Happy Houred crew & ELDo


What would an ELDo iPhone app be like? interesting...
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