Gettin' Grown


Please allow me to introduce myself...

I was born in 1974 to semi-vagarant jazz musician father and ski cap knitting hippie ma dukes. My closest comrade throughout most of my youth was a kid named Mark Murino. Mark's parents were Italian Immigrants who owned a restaurant in our neighborhood. My mother was a hippie repenting her early life as the daughter of mill workers in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Everyday at school, starting in approximately 3rd or 4th grade, Mark Murino and I would trade the lunches our parents had packed for us. Everyday I opened up the same little brown paper bag - literally, the same brown bag... In the event that I should ever throw one of my empty lunch sacks away rather than pack the stinky crumpled thing up to be reused the following day, I would get a fierce talking to about the wasteful nature of those who had 'more than enough' - AKA, me and the rest of the modern world. Everyday as i opened my lunch and cringed at the sight of yet another almond butter (no jelly. no honey. nothin.) on sliced kamut bread sandwich, Mark Murino was reeling with disgust for the eggplant parmigiana hero his mother had once again packed for him. And so was born the most notable detail of all the years comprising my primary and secondary education, this trade of lunch goods that seemed repulsively repetitive to one child, while offering an exotic and savory escape to the other. Sue Murino (Mark's mama mia) ran shit in the cucina. Respect.

I bought my 1st record in 1988. In the same week i bought a copy of the 'Rock For Light' LP by Bad Brains at the Licorice Pizza (a pretty legit chain of record stores that eventually sold to Sam Goody's in the late 80's) on Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach, and later the 'Jenifa / Pot Holes In My Lawn' 12" by De La Soul.

My favorite singers are:
2)Sam Cooke
3)Dave Vanian
4)Leroy Sibbles

My favorite dog is the jack russell terrier (no homo), but i love my belongings too much, especially my clobber and my couch, to have one living in my house, chewing and peeing on things.

My favorite Large Professor remixes are:
1)'Stress' remix - Organized Konfusion
2)'It Aint Hard To Tell' remix - Nas
3)'It's A Boy' remix - Slick Rick

I used to frequently get stopped by homeless folk who told me that i look like Prince. Real talk.

My top 5 favorite breakfast cereals (to be eaten at all hours, day or night):
1)Life (original)
2)Golden Grahams
3)Quaker Oatmeal Squares (original golden maple)
4)Grape Nuts
5)Cinnamon Toast Crunch
*footnote: Actually my favorite cereal of all time is a good granola... there are many out there, but it seems to me that granola actually exists as some sort of sub-genre under the larger umbrella of 'cereal', and thus cannot be included in this list.

I think Kris Van Assche is a retard in waay over his head and pretty much everyone agrees.

My favorite films include:
1)"Do The Right Thing' Spike Lee 1989
2)'The Royal Tenenbaums' Wes Anderson 2001
3)'Troi Couleurs: Bleu / Blanc / Rouge' Krysztof Kieslowski 1993 / 1994 / 1994
4)'Olivier, Olivier' Agnieszka Holland 1992
5)'Rumble Fish' Francis Ford Coppola 1983
6)'Before Night Falls' Julien Schnabel 2000

My favorite gangster rapper is Lil Fame of M.O.P..

One of my favorite Lil' Fame lines:
'Patna, it's bug, fake thugs get no love/
You could easily get got by hot sinking slugs/
Nigga what, I take your pride and slide/
Turn your rap cipher into a motherfucking homicide'
- 'Firing Squad' 1996

Me = vegan, minor obsessive compulsive, major Hedi Slimane fan, hopa.

OH... BEE TEE DUB - Im throwing this new party on Thursday nights here at the El D (Check the flyer). The party is called 'Grown Folk Shit'. I'm super mad excited about it. The concept is this... play good music that most everybody appreciates - funk, soul, afro beat, bossa nova, etc - but these days doesn't get a lot of shine in the bars and clubs. From there things have grown to include a Thursday night house band formed expressly for this party. The band debuts this Thursday February 5th. They'll be playing 2 sets at approximately 9pm and 11pm. Also this week we have a special guest dj, One Man Jazz. This kid is no joke. Trust. Totally super mad excited!
In the coming weeks we'll also be having some super talented friends stopping by to join in the fun. San Diego's favorite son Greyboy, as well as Mr. Choc of The World Famous Beat Junkies will be joining us soon. Check the Grown Folk Shit myspace an peep the calendar for details.
Think it's also worth mentioning that there is no cover for the party this week... Holy shit balls! Sweet. Really hope you can join us.

...Pleased to meet you. Enchanté.

Post Script - An aperitif... Here's a little taste of some real Grown Folk Shit: mp3
It's part of a live radio broadcast i did a few winters ago on my key brethren dj Sachamo's radio program on Jazz 88.3 fm (I see you Sach Boogie!).
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